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Evan MacDonald

Evan MacDonald - Famed dance instructor and DJ for competitions and social dance weekends Nationwide, Evan has been teaching and dancing many dance forms for well over a decade. Winner of many first place prizes in couples dance competitions; Evan is one of the top dance instructors and DJ’s in the area, with a large following of devoted dancers attending classes throughout the Hudson Valley. Hails from a family of top musicians and teachers, Evan combines the perfect balance of technique, artistry and wholehearted fun in his lessons.

Youtube Demos: Demo1 Demo2 Demo3 Demo4

Dance Lesson / Performances
2010 Saratoga Dance Flurry - 500+ students - Band - Don Youngs Blues Magoos
2009 Saratoga Dance Flurry - 500+ students - Band - Don Youngs Blues Magoos
2009 MassMOcA - 200 students - Band - The Defibulators
2008 Saratoga Dance Flurry - 800+ students - Band - Don Youngs Blues Magoos
2008 Woodstock Fashion Show
2008 Mt Laurel Music and Storytelling Festival
2007 Bearsville Theater - 100+ students - Band - Bob Wills Texas Playboys
2006 Summer Hummer
2006 New Years Extravaganza

National Dance Events DJ ed:
Summer Hummer
Swingin New England
Boston Tea Party
New Years Extravaganza
Swing Niagara
Mad Jam
World Hustle

Other Lesson Locations
05-09 Unison Learning Arts Center - New Paltz,NY

07-09 Mt Laurel Waldorf School - 7th and 8th Grade
2001-09 Weds - Highland, NY
2007-09 Thurs - Albany, NY
1995-09 Hudson Valley Community Dance events

Styles of
West Coast Swing
East Coast Swing
Lindy Hop
Cha Cha
Two Step
Night Club Two Step

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